The History
of Aurora Pharma

The founder of the company

Josef Lüthi (1935-2004) is the founder and spiritual father of the pharmaceutical products of Aurora Pharma AG. Based on the teachings of his mentor Frater Albertus, he immersed himself in the studies of alchemical works from Paracelsus, Dr. med. Zimpel, Basilius Velentinus, Jakob Böhme to Annalus Platonis. In an untiring research urge and with the inclusion of the cosmic laws he perfected his laboratory activity more and more on his own initiative. By occupying himself with the inner path of alchemy, he brought to bubbling a source of rich, symbolic imagery, which gave him deep insights into several hundred years old procedures. He deciphered the active substances of plants, minerals and metals and recognized their common essence. This led to his greatest rediscovery and that was the specific production of the legendary quintessence. This quintessence is contained in all Aurora Pharma AG products and carries the purest information of the source materials.

Factory tour

The alchemy and spagyric, the laboratory work and apparatus only really come alive once you have seen them for yourself on site. 4 times a year you have the opportunity to visit the Aurora Pharma and experience an introduction on site.