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Application of the metals

The special feature of metals is the atomic lattice structure, which is preserved even after spagyric processing. The metals are appreciated when "above with below" should be connected.  

For alchemists metals are the epitome of transmutation and transformation describes the development towards the highest consciousness. Rudolf Steiner describes the essence as follows: "It is that man has his relationship to all metals. Knowledge of this relationship is the basis for effective therapy."

However, the knowledge about the metals and their effect on humans is much older. Already the Greek philosopher Plato assumed that each person expresses a certain energy quality, which is attributed to the 7 planets of antiquity. 

The influence of metals on plants has been studied especially by the Weleda company. Depending on the metal that was near the plant, the influence of the energy quality associated with the corresponding planetary metal increased. Therefore, by taking tinctures of Aurora Pharma, the body receives the right frequency to tune into the quality of the metal. The aim is that the Aurora mother tinctures act as antennas and provide the organism with impulses of the desired energy quality until it is able to remain on this vibrational level independently.

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