The Aurora Pharma

Aurora Pharma AG is a private company that produces and distributes parachemical-complementary medicines according to the basic rules of spagyric production methods. We produce the spagyric mother tinctures according to our own procedure. This process is called the Lüthi (spag. Lüthi) manufacturing process. In this process, gemstones, metals and plants are processed according to the basic rules of spagyric: Fermentation process, distillation, ashing and calcination of the salts.

Aurora Pharma AG was founded in 1993 by Josef Lüthi. It is located with its own property share in the commercial building "Chalofe" at Lagerstrasse 11 in Affoltern am Albis.

Mr. Lüthi was able to draw on a sound education with Dr. Albert Riedel, founder of the Paracelsus Research Society, Salt Lake City, USA, and was involved with alchemy and spagyric for over 30 years. This accumulated and deepened knowledge is implemented and realized in Aurora Pharma AG.


Understanding Quintessence Spagyric

Spagyric means to separate and reunite. We create the spagyric Aurora tinctures in our own elaborate process. Unique in the world: a new, colored liquid is created from a purified, white salt and a transparent alcohol - the spagyric quintessence. 


Quintessence Spagyric according to Paracelsus

The origins of Aurora Spagyric go far back into ancient Egypt. The manufacturing process was already described by Paracelsus 500 years ago. The founder of the company, Josef Lüthi, had a great foundation of knowledge through his masters, from which he perfected his laboratory work. His greatest achievement was the production of gemstones as spagyric tinctures. 

Factory tour

The alchemy and spagyric, the laboratory work and apparatus only really come alive once you have seen them for yourself on site. 4 times a year you have the opportunity to visit the Aurora Pharma and experience an introduction on site.

Crystal images

The tinctures under the microscope

If you look at a single drop of an Aurora Quintessence under the microscope, unique patterns appear. Different shapes and colors give a fascinating insight into the structures of Aurora Spagyric.


The motivated MEnschen of the Aurora

With a lot of enthusiasm and heart blood a small and motivated team leads Aurora Pharma. We try to integrate alchemy and hermetics practically in our daily work and always strive to integrate the highest quality of Aurora tinctures also in the work with our customers.