and further education

Spagyric and alchemy is a large subject area. The correct application of our spagyric mother tinctures therefore needs the right knowledge foundation. In order for you to understand how spagyric works and how to apply our tinctures, you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge with various seminars. In the knowledge section you will receive free information on the most important topics.

This will give you easy access to our tinctures and teach you what makes Aurora Pharma mother tinctures so special.


Know, know, understand

With more than 30 seminars annually, various online courses and free information offers, we provide the right learning opportunity for every interest.


Deepening the knowledge

With almost 50 articles, we offer you additional knowledge on the topics of spagyric, alchemy and naturopathy. These were written by different authors with very different perspectives on these topics. 

Factory tour

The alchemy and spagyric, the laboratory work and apparatus only really come alive once you have seen them for yourself on site. 4 times a year you have the opportunity to visit the Aurora Pharma and experience an introduction on site.

Online courses

flexible and simple

We also offer various seminars as online courses. You can purchase these once and have unlimited access to them in terms of time and location. The offer is constantly being expanded. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about news.

Knowledge about spagyric, alchemy and naturopathy on our video channel

New videos appear regularly on our YouTube channel, so you can expand your knowledge for free.