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Alchemy of Metals" Online Course

Aurora Pharma's spagyric mother tinctures are unique. They enable to come into balance on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Special are especially the metals and precious stones. In each tincture these raw materials are actually contained, but processed in alchemical form.

Many people are not yet familiar with the use of these tinctures. Therefore, together with the book author, biochemist and therapist Dr. Michaela Dane, we developed the course "Alchemy of metals". Each metal is treated and presented in detail.

Dr. Michaela Dane has a very extensive approach to the remedies and always treats her patients with very different perspectives. These flow into the course. This gives you a unique overview of the exciting work with metals. The therapist works intensively with the assignment of the planetary metals in her practice and realized over the years that the planetary ruler greatly simplifies the understanding about diseases. So if you are open to this approach, you will get many hints and explanations in our course how to better understand a person and thereby also the essence of his disease potentials.

Upon completion of the full course, you can request an EMR certificate from us. 

Video structure

Course content

  • Introduction to the metals

    Video #1

  • Gold - the sun metal

    Video #2

  • Silver - the moon metal

    Video #3

  • Zinc - the Mercury metal

    Video #4

  • Iron - the Martian metal

    Video #5

  • Copper - the Venus metal

    Video #6

  • Tin - the Jupiter metal

    Video #7

  • Antimony - the Saturn metal

    Video #8

The instructor

Dr. Michaela Dane

After successfully completing her studies in biochemistry in Düsseldorf, she then went to Spain with a scholarship for her doctoral thesis. Together with her husband Dr. Miguel Corty, she completed various trainings in homeopathy and spagyric. They run a practice for naturopathic medicine in Alicante (Spain) and have the Paracelsus Academy founded in Switzerland. Dr. Dane is a lecturer in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Austria and regularly publishes articles in professional journals such as "", "Astrology Today" or "Raum&Zeit". She has published four books so far "Healing Secrets of Paracelsus", "Living Paracelsus Medicine", "The Birth Rulers" and "Cancer Revolution". In the course "Alchemy of Metals", she shows you the knowledge gained from 20 years of practical experience and sheds light on each metal in detail.

"Metals are perhaps the most misunderstood material on earth. Almost the entire periodic table of the elements consists of metals, and yet we only have rusty iron in mind when the subject comes up.
There is an abundance of different metals, in all colors and properties, which play a very large role in our daily technicized life. What one rarely thinks about is that the metals also play an important role in medicine, at least in natural medicine, be it as Schüssler's salt, homeopathic or spagyric tincture. Paracelsus already said in his book about the mine diseases that what makes us sick is also what can heal us.
For today's world, this means that the agents that are in our cell phones, computers or modern kitchen appliances also provide the means for modern medicine. Through nano research, we know that metal agents are particularly effective in depth."

Dr. Michaela Dane, who will teach you the course content, has a very extensive approach to alchemy and spagyric. So it should have suitable info for everyone. 

Dr. Michaela Dane, who will teach you the course content, has a very extensive approach to alchemy and spagyric. She starts mainly from the perspective of Paracelsus. This knowledge has been implemented and developed over many decades through practical application. She shares her resulting knowledge in nearly eight hours of video material.