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Aurora tinctures

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Healing stones

Gemstones work extraordinarily well with spiritual and mental disharmonies, diseases and blockages. The assortment includes rock crystal, chalcedony, ruby, rose quartz and amethyst.


The seven metals in the Aurora Pharma range are considered basic tinctures. They are assigned to the seven basic energies, with which disharmonies and diseases have been dissolved for centuries. A deficiency or excess of one of these basic energies leads to suffering and disease in an organism. With the metallic mother tinctures of Aurora Pharma, the natural balance can be restored.

Plants & complex remedies

With over 40 plants you have the healing power from nature. There are monotinctures from single plants and complex remedies from up to 14 different plants. The plant tinctures contain both coarse material and fine material components. The tinctures can therefore be clearly distinguished from each other analytically, just like those from metals and gemstones. 

How do I obtain spagyric tinctures?

The ordering process is different for you because of the legal regulations, depending on whether you order as a drugstore, pharmacy, with a therapeutic background or as a private person. We will show you the easiest way to obtain our products.

Test set

You can get the almost 80 tinctures in a test set. Each tincture available in an ampoule (2 ml). The purchase is possible for everyone directly through the Aurora Pharma - regardless of the eligibility.