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Customer group

Every pharmacy and drugstore in Switzerland is authorized to purchase Aurora Pharma spagyric medicines directly from us.

Some wholesalers do not carry the full range. In this case, you can purchase the tinctures directly by phone or e-mail Aurora Pharma.

Orders placed before 2pm will be shipped the same day by A Mail.

Therapists with a dispensing license can purchase Aurora Pharma spagyric medicines directly from us.

A levy is possible in the following cantons:

  • Appenzell Ausserhoden
  • Appenzell Innerhoden
  • Basel-Land
  • Glarus
  • Grisons
  • Obwalden
  • Lucerne
  • Schaffhausen
  • St. Gallen
  • Train

Email us your diploma for direct delivery.

For therapists without dispensing options, we are happy to offer consultations on how to practically obtain our resources.

As a doctor you can purchase spagyric medicines from Aurora Pharma directly from us.

You can place the order by e-mail or phone with us. 

Direct delivery or pickup at Aurora Pharma is not possible for legal reasons. However, the purchase is allowed through other channels:

via a pharmacy or drugstore

You can purchase our mother tinctures in any pharmacy or drugstore in Switzerland.

If the pharmacy or drugstore cannot obtain a tincture through their system, this is often due to the wholesaler with whom they work. If the Aurora tinctures are not directly available, every drugstore and pharmacy in Switzerland can obtain our tinctures directly from us - a short phone call or e-mail is sufficient. 

Orders placed before 2 p.m. can usually be picked up the next day at the corresponding pharmacy or drugstore.

Reference via a therapist or doctor

In Switzerland, the cantons regulate the dispensing authorization for medicinal products. This results in different models for the dispensing of spagyric medicines. It is best to ask your treating specialist about this.

Provided you have a doctor's prescription and supplementary insurance, most health insurance companies in Switzerland will cover the costs. 

The dispensing of spagyric medicines in Germany and other EU countries is only possible with a doctor's prescription. With this prescription, each patient can then contact our distribution partner in Germany. This is the Park Apotheke in Bad Säckingen. Due to the complex distribution channel, an order takes about one working week.


Park pharmacy
Friedrichstrasse 23
D-79713 Bad Säckingen
Email: info@park-apo-bs.de
Tel: +49 7761 89 66
Fax: +49 7761 50 778

Delivery time

Orders until 2 pm will be
delivered the following day.


1-2 bottles: CHF 4.50
3+ bottles: CHF 9.00

postage free delivery

from an order value
over 250 CHF

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