Overview to the Healing stones

There are formative and other formative forces operating throughout the universe. From this inexhaustible pool of possibilities all forms of existence form their earthly expressions and characteristics. This is shown in trees, medicinal plants, elements and even in gemstones and in man. We all spring from the same source. This, of course, includes everything that lives on the earth, is in the earth, and the earth itself. It seems clear that a gemstone, such as the amethyst, holds certain information for healing and potentials of consciousness for us that can help us find our potential. With this, gemstones remind us of our heritage and origin.

The special thing about gemstones is that they are living beings that grow and develop over many millions of years. Thus, they contain the knowledge from ancient times.

Minerals have a crystalline or amorphous-crystalline structure. Colored minerals also contain various metals in an ordered lattice system. During alchemical processing, structural forces of the crystal lattice as well as properties of the metals contained therein are transferred.

Paracelsus saw in precious stones earthly materialized star and planetary forces. His findings are confirmed by today's astronomy and it is known that we are not only symbolically but actually made of stardust.

Every matter contains the forming forces, that is that energy which had to be spent during its formation. With the minerals and precious stones it is very strong lattice forces. Paracelsus was convinced that also the "inanimate" nature is animated and metals and minerals are enormous energies, which can be released by alchemical processes. So it is not surprising that Paracelsus saw the strongest healing powers of nature precisely in metals and minerals. The principles of body, soul and spirit also work in minerals. The body shows itself in the physical expression, the soul in the properties of the gemstone and the spirit in the energy inherent in it.

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