The Aurora tinctures as Crystal images under the microscope

"The human eye is a microscope through which the world seems larger than it actually is."

Looking at a single drop of an Aurora Quintessence under the microscope reveals unique crystallization patterns. Thereby, different shapes and colors show a fascinating insight into the vital forces of the tinctures. They also illustrate their qualities, as the patterns are based on the high concentration of mineral salts contained in the tinctures. This gives you a new perspective on the tinctures, which reveal a new world under the microscope.

The beauty of this microscopic representation led the founder of the company, Josef Lüthi, to recognize from his spgyrical remedies also the aspect of art. Because the harmonic laws such as hermetics, element doctrine or trinity, which are all observed in the production, are also shown in aesthetic images.

We want to make visible what is otherwise invisible. Certain people can even tell from the pictures which diseases the tinctures can be used for.

Production of the images

The quintessence is applied dropwise to the slides. The liquid is brought to evaporation at room temperature. This creates the crystal images, which shine in the most magnificent colors in polarized light.

Factory tour

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