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Basic knowledge

Understanding Quintessence Spagyric

For a first insight into Quintessence Spagyric and Alchemy, we recommend the overview in Basic Knowledge. There, common questions are clarified and shown what distinguishes the Aurora products and how they are used.

Aurora tinctures

Plants, metals and gemstones as remedies
With over 70 tinctures on plants, metals and gemstones, you get a wide range of effective remedies. Detailed information is available to professionals through our department.

Introduction to spagyric


Learn what the special features of Aurora Spagyric are in our free introduction.  

Order / Purchase

The easiest way to obtain our tinctures
The ordering process is different for you because of the legal regulations, depending on whether you order as a drugstore, pharmacy, with a therapeutic background or as a private person. We will show you the easiest way to obtain our products.

Crystal images

The Aurora tinctures under the microscope
Looking at a single drop of an Aurora Quintessence under the microscope reveals unique crystallization patterns. Thereby, different shapes and colors show a fascinating insight into the vital forces of the tinctures. They also illustrate their qualities, as the patterns are based on the high concentration of mineral salts contained in the tinctures. This gives you a new perspective on the tinctures, which reveal a new world under the microscope.